TeraRecon Achieves #1 Advanced Visualization Market Share – Extends Technology Reach with Broad PACS Distribution and Integration

by TeraRecon, on Nov 26, 2018 11:48:56 AM

November 26th, 2018 – Chicago, IL: Advanced visualization and artificial intelligence (AI) technology provider, TeraRecon, today announced it has achieved #1 market share in radiology advanced visualization as measured and reported by the prestigious and unbiased HIMSS Analytics Logic™ database. Adding to this momentum, TeraRecon has just extended the reach of its technology with an unprecedented 4 new deep integrations that bring TeraRecon Intuition technology into the main display ports of 5 market share leading PACS companies. Additionally, 3 of these new IntuitionTM integrations include full End-to-End AI™ capabilities where the Northstar AI Explorer™ and EnvoyAI™ platform are natively and seamlessly included.  Collectively, the current market share plus the newly expanded partnerships result in TeraRecon offering their award-winning advanced visualization and artificial intelligence solutions through distribution channels that cover more than 80% of the radiology marketplace.   TeraRecon and EnvoyAI solutions and integrations are on display in the TeraRecon booth, the Advanced Visualization Showcase, the Machine Learning Showcase, as well as the 6 PACS partner booths during the Radiology Society of North America (RSNA 2018) Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois.

“As customer engagement and the number of implementations have increased, we’ve received consistent feedback that AI should be inside the physician’s PACS reading workflow, and that physicians require ways to experiment and interact with AI before committing results to the permanent archive. Northstar* will allow the user to explore the capabilities of each algorithm and accept, adjust, or reject the findings which keeps the physician in control.  You can even interact with multiple AI machines simultaneously and create fully-automatic AI Explorer workflows that present the best candidate findings from each algorithm, according to physicians’ personal preferences.” said TeraRecon Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Sorenson. He continued, “The rapid pace and wide adoption of our new AI and advanced visualization tools by PACS companies is unprecedented in our company’s history and provides proof-positive that TeraRecon and EnvoyAI are the first, best and only way to responsibly put AI into the radiologists’ workflow today.”

The combined solution delivers a complete AI strategy offering game-changing interactive capabilities and simple workflow integration with one contract, one platform to interact with, and one simple integration to any number of PACS systems.  Explore the new end-to-end AI workflow by visiting TeraRecon (booth #8113) and EnvoyAI (kiosk #7367A) at the Radiology Society of North America (RSNA) Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois from November 25th-November 29th, 2018. 

About TeraRecon: (www.terarecon.com) TeraRecon is a leader in advanced visualization, image viewing, and post-processing. Our flagship product, Intuition, is the market share leader for radiology advanced visualization solutions. We are committed to redefining advanced visualization by leveraging artificial intelligence, and to improving radiology workflow through personalized automation features that increase efficiency. *Northstar is currently in development.  Not available for diagnostic use.

About EnvoyAI: (www.envoyai.com) EnvoyAI is committed to delivering premium artificial intelligence innovations to empower the physician workflow. By intersecting sophisticated solutions with simple implementation, EnvoyAI is enabling the broad exploration and pragmatic application of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

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