Bringing Customers Into a New Era of AI-Driven Imaging

March 4, 2020

Seeing into the future is typically something only played out on the big screen. On the rare real-life occasion, the world we envision actually comes to fruition and we find ourselves in the middle of a great story. For TeraRecon, our story began several years ago when a few of our brightest thinkers wrote down their beliefs and ideas about the future of artificial intelligence and advanced visualization and conceived a platform approach to AI that would prioritize physician judgement and secure their trust; where complex imaging workflows would be unbelievably simple, and where images would be fundamental to improving patient care. Today, we are seeing that narrative come to life.

AI is Creating New Value in Medical Imaging

Stroke and Trauma ai medical imagingWhile there is much commoditization and consolidation in healthcare, the value of imaging is just beginning to be realized. There's far more information in images than is being utilized today; information that AI can help to extract along with the needed clinical context – to support a highly informed and more efficient practice of medicine.

So, if you think about why AI is truly transformative and bypass all the hype, you'll find yourself exploring the "how." Lately, we've made it a point to promote the need for #realAI.  Sorely lacking in healthcare – real AI is based on a purpose-built product and technology strategy; not rebranded old products that often over or underfit the clinical need. We assumed the challenge and built the world’s first interoperability platforms that can deliver on that goal.  Our platforms offer a powerful foundation for what lies ahead but taking it to its highest level required the right partner to help us grow.   

TeraRecon Joins SymphonyAI Group


Today, we announced that SymphonyAI Group, an operating group of leading business-to-business AI companies, has acquired TeraRecon and that we have joined a growing portfolio of innovative healthcare and AI driven companies.

Our charter is clear - to expand the development of Intuition using our capabilities in AI as well as creating a new portfolio of AI-driven healthcare solutions focused on medical imaging."

Starting today, with the backing of SymphonyAI Group and the recent recognition of two powerful patents, we can think bigger, work faster and deliver more value to our customers than ever before. SymphonyAI is exactly what we were looking for at the perfect time to accelerate growth in the market.  It's how we will take our innovations and our customers, to the next level and in doing so, change the face of AI in healthcare.

Having been chosen for such an impressive and selective portfolio is truly an honor and an ideal way to launch into a new era for our company and healthcare.  What's more, we fit perfectly into their investment thesis of pursuing strategic AI platform companies, accelerating their growth and supporting their culture to allow people to focus on creating the right products.

We are excited about our promising future and look forward to bringing extraordinary value to our customers. We are committed to bringing you with us into the next generation of AI-driven advanced visualization.

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