Beyond the Screen Episode 11 - AI Keeping A Beat in the Field of Cardiology

February 28, 2020

Welcome to the 11th episode of Beyond the Screen, a podcast that aims to spark discussion about cutting-edge and innovative technologies in the advanced visualization space. In our last episode. we met up with Tom Valent of Aidoc and Mitul Shah from CureMetrix to discuss their 2019 AuntMinnie wins. This week, we will focus on the ever-important topic of heart health and the latest AI trends in Cardiology.

As most fitness applications are using machine learning algorithms to help you get and stay healthy, so are the tools of the Cardiologist. With new predication, image-processing, and clinical decision support tools, Cardiologists are able to provide more focused treatment plans that save time and lives. Listen in to hear about the exciting things happening with this developing technology and some of the challenges to overcome.

You'll learn about:

  • Machine learning and its ability to track and predict future habits.
  • How Cardiologists are benefiting from AI in a big way.
  • The impact these technologies have on providers and patients.
  • The challenges AI faces from both a rapidly evolving industry and an ethical perspective.
  • TeraRecon’s Eureka Clinical AI Platform and Eureka AI Results Explorer.

Harness the power of realAI with the Eureka Clinical AI and Eureka AI Results Explorer. Every integration we build, every partnership we form, and every enhancement we make creates a stronger and more capable system - providing value to providers and healthcare systems alike. Gain access to an entire marketplace where physicians can build trust in AI gradually with interaction and transparency.

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