WHAT’S NEW? Intuition 4.4.13 - Cardiac Enhancements

November 12, 2018

The User Interface

It would be difficult to start this conversation without first acknowledging the new and greatly improved user interface. While it’s cool to know what goes on “under the hood” and really dive into the application, it’s just as important to make sure that the “feel” of the software matches your clinical workspace.

Cardiac MR-1

If you have used Intuition in the past, then you will be blown away the first time you open 4.4.13. Beveled buttons and icons have all been replaced with sleek, flat, and minimalist design. Customizable data management tools, search fields with customizable presets, and an upgraded preview panel for reviewing images without launching the full 3D viewer all help the clinician save time in their workflows and get back to focusing on patients.

Cardiac MRI – Time Volume Analysis (TVA) Improvements

The improvements don’t stop at the patient list. The interface has similar updates within each of the tools and data panels including wider boxes around buttons which has helped users identify the buttons they need more quickly and avoid erroneous clicks.

The TVA tool panel has been revamped to streamline the way your eyes focus on the images. Instead of darting back and forth across the panel, you can now move down the panel at the same rate you are completing the workflow. The update also adds the edit axis tool to the wall and position tabs for more streamlined editing.

Usability is greatly enhanced by allowing the user to set End Diastole and End Systole points by using a new and improved table layout. In previous versions, this required opening multiple menus to set your start and end positions for each phase. With this new update, you can have the ED/ES table be part of the main viewer or even set your preferences so that it always starts with the table layout initialized.

If you have a preference to see a particular result first, let’s say the AHA 17 segment gradation polar map, you may now set it to always be the initial result view. In the text result, you can also now display papillary muscle volume and mass. All this means faster reading and less time spent digging through menus to find what you want to see. Cine modes in Cardiac MR have also been improved dramatically with a 66% performance increase compared to the previous version. This dramatically decreases the time it takes to update each image and gives clinicians the ability to move forward in the workflow faster.

Cardiac MRI – Flow Improvements


Within this new version of Intuition, you can now load multi-phase contrast datasets within a study. By selecting multiple series, you will be able to load the Flow workflow which opens into a new layout. If you loaded a series already but meant to have two, or you want to load the second phase later, then you may now load additional series from within the workflow itself. Clicking to load a second series will pop up the full series list where you may choose the series you wish to load. If your study contains a multilevel dataset, you can still load the flow workflow and Intuition will determine the subseries for analysis. Each series will have its own results tab.

In the comparison tab, you will be able to see the side-by-side images, combined graphs, and a combined results view. The viewer will display stroke volumes as well as a ratio and difference value. If you would only like to see one of series, you may isolate series results to view them individually.

Continued Progress: 4.4.13 P3

TeraRecon has continued the progress, bringing over 650 improvements to Intuition with 4.4.13 P3 - now available for our customers. Have you ever:

  • Wanted to capture your cardiac function images as an all-in-one batch for motion visualization on your PACS?
  • Needed better calcium scoring?
  • Looked for an interactive clock-face in your CPR tool that allows you to capture vessel locations for EVAR planning more efficiently?
  • Wanted faster batch speed, or customizable contour sizes and colors in your cardiac MRI tools?
  • Needed more automation - perhaps with improved auto-contouring and ED and ES auto-processing?
  • Needed routine Cardiac MR functionality that is ready for clinical use?

Now you can have all these things and more with Intuition. If any of these spark your interest, contact us for a demo and more information.

What’s Next?

TeraRecon is passionate about our mission; innovate ahead of market demand to provide solutions that influence clinical care across health organizations by empowering physicians with better access to medical images and clinical decision support tools. Soon you are going to see new layouts, new workflows, and tools with enhanced functionality all geared to making your cardiology and cardiovascular workflows more efficient and comprehensive.

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