The Latest Intuition Updates | September 2020

September 15, 2020

With the global pandemic bringing many to a crawl, TeraRecon is resolved to continue sprinting; innovating and producing new products. With the release of Intuition 4.4.13.P6 just a few months ago, we’ve been hard at work to bring you more updates and modifications in 4.4.13.P7. We also have some exciting news about our new subscription model that maximizes your budgets and purchasing power. Let’s look at some of these features in the new Intuition:



You’ve probably heard through our numerous social posts, podcasts, or blogs that TeraRecon is now included in the SymphonyAI portfolio. With fresh ideas and insights coming through, we wanted to make sure our image represented who we are now. Our website, social media pages, and now our software have all undertaken a brand refresh with new icons, graphics, and colors. You’ll notice that the old Aquarius Intuition icon to launch the software looks very different (see below). You’ll also notice that the title bar in the software shows off our sleek new design.

Intuition Login_TeraRecon Intuition_Whats New P7 Images

(Newly Branded TeraRecon Intuition Login)

Volume Labels

We’ve received several requests from customers for this feature, which is sure to enable greater communication. The Labeling Volume Histogram now displays ranges with text and color. This will help to easily visualize the volume rendering and will also give insight into volume proportions between the imaging clinician and front-line caregiver. These Volume labels are key to categorizing histogram ranges and keeping your studies nice and tidy.

Labeling Volume Histogram_TeraRecon Intuition_Whats New P7

(TeraRecon Intuition Labeling Volume Histogram)

Longitudinal Data Analysis

Our findings viewer is used to track measurements between studies and in the past, has been a bottleneck in some workflows. In this release, we have relieved some of that pressure by including measurement tracking changes that will do the calculation for you.

Longitudinal Data Analysis_TeraRecon Intuition_Whats New P7 Images

(TeraRecon Intuition Longitudinal Data Analysis)

Subscription Model

We are proudly recognized as a key innovator in the Advanced Visualization and AI space. With that title comes great responsibilities for us to uphold for ourselves and customers. That’s why we are proud to offer you Intuition Titanium, a new subscription model that delivers access to all of our top-of-the-line tools, a launch pad for your AI strategy, and significant savings over traditional software purchases. No more expensive hardware maintenance, no more chasing down your partners to get the latest updates, and no more wondering what is the latest and greatest in medical software. When you convert to or purchase Intuition Titanium, you can:

  • Receive updates automatically
  • Consolidate disparate systems to a single platform
  • Achieve significant time and cost savings
  • Embark on your AI journey with the included Eureka AI platform
We are so excited for this new offering to grasp the medical industry and revolutionize the way we do business.

All offerings are subject to availability and regulatory clearance, which may vary by country. Please verify product statues with your local TeraRecon representative.

For additional support or to Contact TeraRecon, Inc.

US and Canada Support
Customer Service can be reached between 8:30 am EDT to 8:30 pm EDT, Monday through Friday, at the following toll-free number: 
1 (877) 996-0100 
24-hour Emergency toll-free number is: (617) 424-9405

Europe Support
Customer Service can be reached between 8:00 am CET to 5:00 pm CET (GMT +2.00), Monday through Friday.
European customers: +49-(0)69-9510352-255
Customers in Germany, Switzerland/Austria, and France: 00800-837 273 266 during  business hours. 
24-hour Emergency toll-free number: 1 (617) 424-9405 

International Support 
Customer Service can be reached at the following number: 
1 (650) 653-4290 (U.S.) 
24-hour Emergency number: 1 (617) 424-9405 

*Intuition AI Adaptor pending 510k clearance.

**The following are important statements regarding the use of this tool:

• Volumetric histogram and lung segmentation functionality are FDA cleared features of Intuition. This functionality is not FDA cleared specifically for COVID-19. It must only be used as an aid and that final interpretation should be performed by a licensed healthcare practitioner with the appropriate training.
• The results should not be used for screening and the software does not provide specific disease detection and should not be solely or primarily relied upon to diagnose or treat COVID-19.
• This device is not indicated for the diagnosis of COVID-19 and that in vitro diagnostic testing is currently the only definitive method to diagnose COVID-19.
• This tool is available by specific licenses only.
• The default thresholds are generalized recommendations and limits for device performance when used in an U.S. population. The image analysis should only be used as an aid and the final interpretation should be performed by a licensed healthcare practitioner with the appropriate training.

***All offerings are subject to availability and regulatory clearance, which may vary by country. Please verify product statues with your local TeraRecon representative.

+ Others sold separately

++ Can be run with purchased Eureka Runtime Licenses

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